Newbie Knitters – Unite!

In recent years (yes, years – I’d say “a year” but I’d be lying through my teeth. It’s been 4) I have, on several frustrating, swear-ridden, storm-tempered occasions,  picked up those two pointy sticks – formerly “of doom” classification – only to fail, twist, drop, knot, yell, frog, scream, you name it, until I took my toddler-approved, hissy-fitted items and thrown yarn, needles and accouterments into an open fire in frustration. No lie.

I burnt a perfectly beautiful, decent set of bamboo needles, complete with wire thingy (cable, to those who Speak Knitting Properly) purely because I had tried, Youtubed, knotted, knitted, purled (I think it was anyway) and managed to feck it up so spectacularly, I couldn’t bring myself to rip it out and start all over again for the “nth” time. I gave up.  Excelling at the “throw hands in the air and reach for wine and a crochet hook instead” school of knitting, I thought I would NEVER get past a row of cast on without jeffing it up or bursting into tears of frustration, so I stopped trying. Again.

Last year, around April 2016 time, I bit the bullet. I ordered myself a starter kit of needles and some adjoining cables – for I had left a perfectly decent, sentimental and inherited collection of my mother’s needles on another continent because “I will never effing use them, poor things” – and decided to give it ONE more try. I chose some very lovely cashmere/merino/nylon DK  from Mosaic Moon I made “a thing”. A triangle. A tiny, perfectly formed, basic triangle.

I’ve gone on to make a couple of other knitted items (I crochet but this blog isn’t about that) but because I frog faster and more frequently than I can actually maintain the stitches on my needles, I’m very slow.  I want to change this. I WANT to be a more proficient knitter. This year,  I am determined to knit more than I crochet. I have Plans. A few of my very proficient, annoyingly fantastic, knitting-genii-friends are creating the most wonderous items and I want to be able to join in. I WILL do this. Sometimes I sit and moan and  wonder if I shouldn’t just stick to my beautiful crochet hooks of joy, but where’s the challenge in that? It’s fun to be ambi-crafterous (terminology and idiocy all my own) and was last year’s Challenge : pick up pointy sticks for proper use,  not in anger. Nor for eating takeaway with…

The purpose of this wee blog is purely personal as a place to share videos or tutorials which this eternal-newbie finds helpful; tutorials that have made a particular technique or stitch “click”; pictures of “Things I’ve Made” and “Things I want to Make”; I will happily show my mistakes and whether or not I rectify them. I’m even setting myself a challenge to take photos and -hahaha ! – videos of what I’m up to, at some point. Proper pushing the boat out of my comfort sea and into wide open ocean of the unknown where yarn islands await. Hopefully it’ll help even one person, like me, help turn the two-sticks of pointy evil turn into fantastic friends that we just can’t be parted from. I’ll link to the bits and bobs I use, I’ve got a really lovely yarn stash that I want to use and share the beauty of, 98% of which is indie dyer, hand dyed yarn (total addict) so there’ll be lots of posts about the wonderful people I happen across and the WAHMs that I enjoy supporting. I hope you don’t mind me sharing my rambling woolly  head with you all. I’m also a bit of an “oooh! SHINY” distracta-bunny so I will ramble off-topic. A lot. Don’t say I haven’t warned you 😉

My first PENT :(personal-experience newbie-tip): Use really lovely yarn that you adore and don’t want to throw away /can’t face ruining. It inspires, motivates, and provokes determination into Making Something 

Cover photo – Oriental Lily Dress  Pattern by Georgie Nicolson ; Yarn by Fleabubs by Lala, Mothy & The Squid & Jo.Knit.Sew. Mistakes : all my own. 


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