Cobain Top – Project 4 ever, 1st of 2017

I can’t resist making this. Cobain Top. I’d copy the photo in to here but I don’t want to annoy anyone by stealing images without consent, hence my linking to everything. I’ll update this with a picture of mine in progress asap.

Even if the largest size doesn’t fit (which knowing me is a distinct possibility as I have knockers bigger than my 4yr old’s head, and she’s not exactly a speck), I want to make this. I wanted to make it at the end of last year but realised I didn’t possess enough Crazy 8 DK merino to make it, started it, frogged it out again (rippit rippit) and abandoned the yarn in the huff. Shocker. I searched through my stash – which I keep on Ravelry and update regularly – and worked out how much yarn I needed. If you’re wondering how to do that, I’m sure there’ll be a “how to” post coming up. It’s a paid-for pattern, it’s not expensive, and it’s an independent person inventing the garment. I like that. I like that I love something enough to pay for it without qualm. I like that it’s supporting someone in their own little business, and not a major , faceless organisation. I love that Rizzaknits is on Instagram and I can sigh over her beautiful garments and inventions as they pop up on my feed, whilst quietly loathing her talent, beauty, personality and overall loveliness. She’s just so…yeah, one of Those People. Follow her, she’s just lush. (and no, she has no idea I exist nor should she. I’ll always say if I know someone in case there’s any accusation of bias. I am biased.I like really nice stuff) Her use of colour is something that attracts the colour-magpie in me, and it’s got stripes, dude. If Cobain had pockets, I would have just keeled over and died with the perfection.

For #newbieknitters amongst you, don’t be afraid of taking this on as a first or second project. The top has a few rows of garter stitch (not frightening) and some increases. That. Is. IT! It looks more impressive than it is – which is what I’m finding with the basic knitting patterns, they look “hell no! I’ll NEVER get to do that!” – but it’s still a very wearable garment indeedy. Mine is being made in Jo.Knit.Sew yarn at the moment but if I run out to cover my Jabba-inspired figure, I’ve plenty of crazy 8 merino DK to continue. I think. I don’t care – it’ll be colourful.

Project number 4 and I’ve take on the jogless colour changing stripe technique.


I would have laughed at you a few weeks ago if you asked me to give that a whirl, but I’ve since concluded that if I’m going to knit and use my hand dyed beauties, I am damn well going to give it a shot at perfection from the get-go. No messing around, no muss , no fuss ; do it properly from the start, then there’s not so much to learn later. Or become complacent about. I promise you it’s not difficult and SO worth the effort of watching and rewatching the Youtube video. This one I found particularly useful and not annoying.

I’ve also learned a new cast-on with this top.


It’s the cable cast-on and the edging it leaves is very satisfying. Honestly, I found this so much easier when I got going than I thought I would and felt a bit newbie-smug that I could do it according to the pattern. It’s not as hard as it might sound and is SO worth the edging. I’m not saying I’m skipping in to brioche and cabling and all that jazz (I’m frankly petrified and lazy when it comes to thinking of Fairisle in a top /cardi/jumper/life!) but just the little nuances of learning a bit at a time per item, makes the knitting more worthwhile.

PENT: Watch a Youtube video on a new technique from as many varied video sources as you can. If the person in the video’s voice is annoying you? Change to a different one. Does his/her hair make you want to pull yours out? Change again. Find your “Lobster” when it comes to instructional videos: it can make the difference between attempting and doing. In the long-run, having a go-to person who “gets you” will keep you going back to do more and more. 


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