The Story So Far


The items I’ve knitted so far are a triangle scarf (previously mentioned and linked) which my youngest little Barefoot loves to use on her teddies; a top,

w8dsuizf4oqwkzftc5p-xlqukqqjypc2x2smliqnl3u2gssadevzfdhzjfnthnwuxkleoihzmy0mwlgyd2hceplrm7dmvb6rffy_small2 which was my first ever “proper” knit (pattern is here by Craft Foxes – there’s one for adults and children , it’s free, easy to follow and beautifully explained, perfect for a first-timer who wants to make something substantial and learn a lot on one item) for the same little BF child which she demands to wear even when the temperature hits 36 degrees outside (that’s centigrade, so hardly “sweater weather”) purely because she loves the colours of it. Can’t blame her, it’s a Pollyorange DK merino spectacular and it almost hurt using it on an item I know will be outgrown in less than 6 months. Worth it though. The kangaroo type pocket on it isn’t sewn on perfectly in the slightest, the lace-work front  is far from perfect (simple yarn overs allegedly, but I’m a #newbieknitter so hey, mistakes a-plenty) but it taught me a lot from my many, many mistakes, which I can spot a mile away now that I look at it but my inner perfectionist can shurrup and drown in gin for all I care, I’m proud of myself.

3rd item was quite a biggie – literally – as I made an XXL version of the Still Light Tunic by Veera  Valimaki for myself (cover pic of it in progress) and did I ever get the measurements wrong. I could have made a smaller size. I could have used smaller needles. Coulda woulda shouda.  Newbie errors included using the wrong needles (who knew .25mm is going to make such a huge difference?)  I believe I made a gauge swatch and felt all pleased with myself for checking my tension before I started. I used sock-weight yarn (which is quite thin) and it blocks out rather large. As I found out the hard way. [Hm. Or did I? ] It is a lovely, slobby, wear-about-the-house item now, but it’s not what I want my hand dyed pets to be made into. I really want to show them off. Warts and all. Potentially, loop holes and dropped stitches and really, 2 sizes too big!? I can’t flipping count, clearly. I think I have Pattern Dyslexia. If it’s not a “thing”, then it should be because frankly, I’m definitely afflicted.

All of the above items  have the same thing in common – basic stitches, hours on Youtube clarifying the very basic stitches – and rounds, and rounds, and ROUNDS of knit stitch which makes stockinette work in a continuous round. Magical. Truly is. And yet, I still get it wrong. And you may too. BUT WHO CARES! You’re KNITTING!





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