I NEED HELP! Link me up

I thought I’d add a post where I can throw all my useful links together on. Do you need help? Here we go! This is very much a work-in-progress (WIP) and if you find something you’d like me to add, comment and I’ll get it going on. We are all in this together. To quote one of my favourite films “You WILL GET THERE”. Bonus points to anyone who names the film.

N.B: Please don’t be put-off with this list. Some of the links are purely for future reference, some I’ve thought “Oh, that’s handy!” and it will be a continually updated page

Abbreviations : I’m not going to reinvent the wheel when other pages/blogs have completed it proficiently. It’ll eat into my knitting-time if I start typing everything out, blow-by-blow.

Cast-ons http://www.thinkstuff.net/38-beautiful-cast-ons-how-many-can-you-knit/

For those that like pictures, not videos https://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/04/cast-on-knitting/

Garter Tab Cast-On – the AMAZING Tin Can Knits lady. I need more reading-time to awww and ahhh over her blog. I’ll admit I found the garter tab cast-on I tried -using laceweight yarn ; lace weight. As a #newbieknitter I’m not laughing YOU’re laughing. Pahahahahahaa – very daunting then I found this. And the rest of her blog. My life, this woman rocketh muchly in the knitting world. *Wayne’s World Moment*   (this .gif is going to appear a LOT in this blog)

Backward-loop cast-on (this one is handy – it can be , and is , used in the middle of projects to add stitches. Don’t ask me why it can’t just be “increase stitches” because I simply don’t know.)

Jogless Stripes in knitting in the round and another for the same (carrying the yarn) Jogless stripes in the round, carrying the yarn

Some more on the above Changing colour in the round

Knitting Gauge/Tension Squares – this is just a fantastic post on why gauge is so important in a pattern. For all you crocheters out there, yes, gauge in knitting does make a sodding difference. It’s very annoying because knitting a swatch can be TE DI OUUUUUS!

Slip Slip Knit – also in a pattern as ” ssk” in a pattern. Sounds like someone’s drunk if you ask me.

Slip Slip Purl – known as ” ssp” in a pattern when it’s written.

skp Slip, knit , pass over slipped stitch .Apparently a decrease.

Stretchy Bind-off/cast-off . This is a good technique to learn for use on jumpers/necklines/things that need a bit of movement and won’t get stuck around your head or bum.

Knitting the heel on the easiest sock in the world. Yeah. I’ve yet to try this, or socks, and I’m suspicious whenever anyone says “oh this is easy” unless I have, because I’m thick as a whale omelette and if I find it easy, I bet my 4yr old could do it.

How to knit backwards.  Actually knitting backwards. Allegedly, this can avoid doing the purl stitch (I personally don’t find purl stitches the huge pain in the hoop other people do, but in case you do, this technique could be super handy)

How to knit with scales  – another wonderful blog post from craftymutt about how to knit and add scales to a project. There’s a lot (there it is again!) of folk who like to make very realistic mermaid tails or dragon costumes and probably the same kind of person who glows with pride that their child’s dressing up costume is Perfection. Nothing wrong with that. I saved it because it’s SHINY! (You’ll get used to me, or won’t keep reading. One of the two)

How to create short rows and why (picture tutorial) 9th March, ’17. Found this as I was considering throwing some short rows/increases, into a pattern I’m using to give myself more top-bollocks space for a top I’m making. No mincing words, I need more room.


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