The Stash!

Many, many people, far and wide, have A Stash of Yarn. The Stash. Yarn Pets. Call it what you will. Mine is unlikely to be the biggest in the world but I’m really quite pleased with it. Except when it comes to the point of choosing something to use. Stupidly, and I do mean, stupidly, I pick out some gorgeous colour-ways and blends (more detail in a sec., newbies) I lay them out on the floor, transfer them to the sofa, go to wind them up on my beautiful swift and…I can’t bear to use them. Ridikulus! Yarn is made to be used, but mine was turning into an art installation. It’s part of the 2017 Knitting Challenge : Use all the yarn pets, woman!


Multi hand-dyer, hand-dyed yarn Oriental Lily Dress

For anyone a newbie to hand-dyed yarn, you’re in for a treat 😀  I have shifted to only using hand-dyed yarn and it was what really spurred me on to knitting,and doing it properly. Making something Worthwhile and that I was going to keep for forever,  with yarn that wasn’t much more expensive than commercial yarn, and SO much prettier was a no-brainer.

I made it slightly big, granted, but children grow so quickly and we live in hot climes (it was around 34degrees all day today and no break from the sun. Awful weather for Merino) which made me size-up as well – so it’ll last until colder weather. She loves it as much as her dirtiest soft toy, too.


Cover Picture: a basket of Crazy 8 DK Merino hand dyed yarn by various dyers. Just the Crazy 8 DK.


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