Spread the Love Thursday – Part I

I come across so many lovely people either by accident or by design, and I want to share them all with you as I do so. I have no bias apart from thinking “Oooh pretty! that could be useful” so this is all of my own opinion and volition. I want to share the wealth with #newbieknitters and yarn-fans alike, and couldn’t ever choose a favourite. Trust me, I have tried. I’ll probably put a big list together at some point but for just now, I’m sharing the love of WAHMs and independent designers/suppliers/creative wonders right here.

This week’s a new-found instagram lady that I came across when looking at the #newbieknitters hashtag. I clicked along a few (very few as there aren’t many on the hashtag) and found her and she has a beautiful little hand-made kit for #newbieknitters.

I have permission to share her post (thank you so much, @cardinalblackcat ) Look at this lovely #newbieknitters kit : it looks perfect to start with, and an independent little business personage to boot. Head over to her instagram page and show her some love.


Instagram: cardinalblackcat & her lovely Irvine Cowl for newbs. LOVE the needles too!



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