How to put in a life-line……….*sigh*

I really don’t want to be writing this post. “How to save your knitting from being frogged (ripped back) to the casting-on stage of a gazillion stitches stage when you realise you’ve made a terrible mistake” is what it should say.

Video for adding a life line                      My Favourite video for life lines – 3 options

                          What I’ve done to deserve to have to watch a life-line tutorial

Gah. I’ve really jeffed up the back of my Cobain. I’ve done 50-odd rows after misplacing my only stitch marker (fell off my needles when “someone” moved my WIP bag. Honest to goodness, it’s justifiable homicide) and realised too late that the 2-hole-lace part at the back was all skew-wiff to the point I couldn’t live with it. Rippit. Rippit.


I thought I had sorted it before but looking at it started to make me twitch. I did say that it’s worth trying to “get it right, first time” by trying again  but it was annoying me so it had to be removed. I added life-line; which means that I can rip it back to a certain point and not to the very beginning of the skeins (and starting again) .I’ll let you know how it goes. GAH! Not what I wanted to be doing this lovely lazy Friday.

Lifeline info : it went really really well. I applied the “thread a contrasting cotton-sock-weight yarn” technique . Right hand side of each “v” in the stockinette stitch, and thread it all the way around. Tip : just use a ball of yarn/cotton/whatever. Don’t break it off until you’ve done the full round or width. THat way , you don’t run out of your life-line line. True story.

I’ve abandoned the Cobain into my knitting bag for now until I can face the gazebo alone. Positive side : I have learned how to place lifelines successfully. <sarcasm> Yay. Go me. Woopdeedo. Bravo. How wonderful .Just what I wanted to have to do today. Not bothered at all about the 50 rows taken out to start again, particularly when striping 2 yarns together.<end sarcasm>



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