When it all goes a bit wrong.

What a day yesterday turned out to be. I ended up :

  • frogging my Cobain back 50 rows
  • started a cast-on of over 300 stitches, knit 2 rows & near the end, small person came head-long at me yelling random numbers, made me lose count, and I had to frog that
  • Cast-on over 300 stitches again, managed to get to the 6th row (yes!) and found 2 dropped stitches at the very beginning. How on earth that happened, I don’t know. I ended up frogging back over 2000 stitches, gave up and had a glass of Malbec, whilst bemoaning the Full Moon for its wily ways

All in all, a really craptastic knitting day chez #newbieknitter

It’s now the weekend. We’ve friends coming over so won’t get any knitting done until tomorrow -after we’ve been out for our Sunday drive-around -and I’m feeling a bit meh about it all. This happens. My point being – don’t give up. Not even if you’ve had a “F***ing Frog It Friday”. I’m already looking at perhaps not making the blanket/throw as wide as it was, and perhaps using a half size needle down to make it a bit more structured – learnt something!




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