Chevron Blanket a g0-go

Yay! I’m on my way with this pattern (previously posted but again, just in case Espace Tricot Patterns – Chevron Wordpress site and it is fantabulous).

Despite adding in a couple of rows of garter stitch for sh&ts and giggles, I’ve gone back to the very long row of purl stitches on the wrong-side as per the pattern, as I’ve come to mind that I prefer the stockinette look. I’m still swearing though. It’s just going to be one of those weeks.

Behold where I’ve managed to get to so far :

this oneI started with using undyed DK SW Merino left over from another project, I’ve striped it up a little.  I am planning on adding a few stripes of undyed throughout the chevrons as the contrast always makes me smile. Simplicity & it assists in making the wonderful colourways from the blanket packs that are arriving truly pop!

Plan for today -just keep knitting, just keep knitting…A bit like Dory. In fact, too much like Dory. Right down to our colouring 😀


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