Keep on, keeping on…after it all goes wrong. Again.

I promised honesty – so here we are. I was honestly so p**sed off with myself for another #froggingitFriday (wail) that I didn’t know how to start blogging about it. 5 days of work down the pan…

From this :


To This:17265824_302012510214501_6289613291526291456_n

Not in the slightest bit irritating that it took about 4 minutes to unravel and re-ball it all when it took about 5 days to knit. Nope. Nothing to see here. Not bothered in the slightest by it. Definitely did not make me twitch, swear or want to burn it all….nothing to see here.

            Newbieknitter – Guide to keep on going

  1. Tried to put in a lifeline on a Chevron blanket. Failed epically. Ripped out the entire blanket (yes, ignore all the previous pictures and posts -it’s gone now. Dead. Ripped out. Frogged to within an inch of its fibres. I’m a yarn-WIP-killer)
  2. Cast-on again: Better than that well-known sports company slogan,  Just do it! Perfecting my tension for the cable cast-on and finally managing to make it second nature. Hey, when you’ve cast-on the same thing over 10 times, you kind of become accustomed to it, sigh, drink something non-alcoholic (so you don’t lose count) and crack on
  3. Re-order the yarn colours to keep it interesting. I was a tad iffy about my initial yarn colour choice from the blanket pack , hence deciding to change it up a bit.
  4. Using 3 above, convince yourself it was purposefully frogged back to the beginning, looks better starting again ANYway and actually, dude, this was all done on purpose so really, you know, there’s nothing wrong with Frogging It as it is WAY better now. Honest guv. Seriously. Like, whatever!

A “Ta-DAAAAH!” moment : The new-look Chevron blanket. Which is longer than the other one (again, TOTES on purpose. Yup, completely not an accident) and I haven’t played yarn chicken. Nope, not me. That is definitely not a tiny little speck of yarn in the middle there on that there photograph which absolutely did not, in any way, shape or form, cause me to swear with anxiety of running out mid-row and having to frog it back, again!

Yarn by Jo.Knit.Sew/Pollyorange/ThreeVioletButtons  : Stitch markers are ringOs by Fripperies & Bibelots

Keep on going. It’s worth it. This is going to be one BEAUTIFUL blanket. It will. Whatever your project is – big, small, tiny, huge, emotional, swear-worthy-in-the-making – it is worth it! (Please hare any if you like, I’d love to see what other newbieknitters are making 😀


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