Knitting backwards – Revolutionary !

Well blow me down with a bucket of Mint Magnums (please. I’m getting quite desperate for ice cream, to the point that if I didn’t know better, I’d say I was pregnant again). I’ve been trying to speed up my knitting – unsuccessfully – given how much frogging I’ve done lately and get this blanket pack underway. I saved this link How to Knit Backwards about 30-odd weeks ago when I first picked up the needles properly, and thought it may come in handy one day. Boy was I totally on the money with that one!

I’ve made a couple of knitted items, as I’ve mentioned, but they’ve all been joined-in-the-round. This means that when I’ve been knitting in stockinette stitch , it’s just row after row of knit-stitch. Amazing. Easy. Simple (even though I still get it utterly arse-backwards!) and quite satisfying to see items grow at a reasonable rate. Still slow in comparison to everyone else I know who uses the FKA (formerly known as) two spiky sticks of doom and gloom, but faster than flat-knitting stockinette stitch. Which is what my blanket pattern is, essentially.
Flat-knitting stockinette stitch- i.e. not joined in the round – has the down-side that it’s always one row knit stitch, one row of purl. I thought I was doing ok. handling it. Coping. “Getting there” But it’s so tediously slow. Incredibly so. To the point I do a row of knit and find an excuse to walk away for a while. Do something else non-knitting instead and, the horror, do housework or cleaning or clothes sorting or laundry JUST to avoid the Purl row of Complete Slowness.


Earlier today, I reminded myself of the “knitting backwards” video (link above) that I’d found. I also found the link to someone who, despite myself, annoys the utter life out of me to the point I want to smash her face through the screen. We can’t like everyone’s tutorials and I really, really REALLY don’t like hers. AT all. I won’t name and shame as she’s probably amazingly helpful and beloved by others (if you trust her youtube video likes and ratings) but frankly, the woman makes me so beyond stabby that I need to take a deep breath, a la Bad Boys, and Waaazaaaaa….whilst rubbing my ear lobes.


Backwards knitting people! BACKWARDS knitting! It is so easy! It’s incredibly fast and very satisfying and it’s making me not want to type this. And my tension is still the same. I’m stunned. I’ve Learned Something New and happy with it. Get in!


I highly recommend it for those of you learning – it’s not worth not-looking at and for straight rows of purl, my life, it’s beyond perfection. Go on. Give it a whirl. If the link I’ve provided is annoying, then shout and find one oyu like but “backwards knitting” is what youre’ looking for. Please don’t look for backwards purling, it’s a different beast altogether and i had to undo a few stitches when I reaslied I’d followed the wrong one … AGAIN! I have zero brain these days. Two kids sucked my intelligence away, I swear it.


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