Back to the drawing board

Agh! It has been a couple of weeks since I published a post. Note : Published. I have written a few but thanks to my rather unstable internet, not only have they been part-saved, but I haven’t been able to upload any photos, hence making them dull. And now they’re all out of date.

I had to frog back my Cobain into this :



Yup. All of it. I knitted it onto a nice long cable to allow me to try it on, and when I did, even using the largest size and considering any amount of blocking when it was finished, it just simply wasn’t going to cover my chest. Gutted. Although at least I know I’ve pretty much made one and need to size up, maybe just one or two sizes, for next time. The pattern doesn’t have a bigger size which means doing some maths but I can’t see it being impossible.
In the meantime, however, I have started another Still Light Tunic. I made one before and have learned from it . One, to use the right size needles for the pattern (d’uh) as it makes a HUGE difference to the tension and therefore, the end result. The ones I’m using are 3mm shorts and wow do I need some regular-length 3mm needles as I feel like I’m knitting for gnomes. Tiny, ickle, pixie-region gnomes. They’re doing the trick for now. It is SO pretty.

My dog got in on the action…he can sniff a good yarn when he wants to!


The yarn I’m using is Jo.Knit.Sew’s “Macaron”. It is SO SQUISHY! This is an airy-feeling, smooshy, marshmallowy, I’d-eat-it-if-I-could type of yarn. If you’ve not got an MCN blend yarn in your stash…please just touch one. Then buy a bolt-load of it. I was lucky enough to win 2 skeins of this cashmere, merino, and nylon blend yarn a couple of years ago, and have been searching Facebook sales pages for anyone selling more ever since. I ¬†managed to accumulate 6 x 100g skeins in total, which should be more than sufficient for the XL size of the Still Light Tunic. If not, I have more of the same blend in a different colour and have no worries, at all, in mixing colour-ways or dyers. I don’t care. It’ll be gorgeous no matter what and I fully intend on seeing it as a major part of my Autumn/Winter snuggle-wardrobe that I’m apparently attempting to make…


I’m still going to work on my Puzzle Lover Blanket Club knitted blanket, of course, but it’s nice to have a WIP to swap around with weights/needle sizes. I bet the blanket will feel enormous after using these 3mm tiny weeny needles!


Key tips : I’ve written down how many rounds of straight-knit, and increase rounds, that I need for my Still Light Tunic, this time. I didn’t keep track last time and made it a little larger than it was required. I like keeping track on my Ravelry notes if and when I need to stop something, but there’s nothing like pen and paper for mobility when your internet is so unstable, unreliable and generally flipping irritating!



After blocking, it became a “Family jumper” ; one which I reckon we could all fit in. It’s comfy and slobby but I want something that I can wear outside of my house without looking a little circus-tent-like.


one-skein ball-bag in main picture by Woolley Monkeys


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