Cheeky Chevron Blanket update

Ah I am falling for this blanket. Despite it’s last-section wobble (and I have followed the pattern to the letter so I’m not going to take responsibility for the Wonk, even if it is my fault. Which it might be. But I’m not admitting that) it is stunning. I say that without any personal claim to its loveliness, and lay all the kudos to the yarn. The soft, squidgy, cosy, 100% SW (superwash) Merino yarn that makes this 2metre (pre-blocking!) chevron beast into a cuddle waiting to happen. *happy sigh* I really do have yarn pets. That I make into yarn hugs. Complete with errors  design-features all of their individualistic selves. Yup. There you go. That’s my eloquence for the day. Perhaps year.



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