The Importance of Being Yarniest

I’m around half-way through my first skein of the delicious Macaroon from Jo.Knit.Sew on my Still Light tunic top (I would say “tunic long jumpery dress as that’s more accurate but it doesn’t sound as sophisticated). There are 5 other skeins to use and the importance of being Yarniest comes into play : to multi-skein-use or to just continue with one after the other…

Frankly, I’m not so worried. I’d just pick up a skein, cake it, use it. Pick up another skein in the same colour way, cake it, use it. You get the picture. Makes sense. But I have read about hand dyed yarns needing to be “mixed” together, to make it blend better, and with different dye-lots, this is so very true. It honestly wouldn’t bother me AT all in this particular case but as a newbie-knitter, I thought it best to show what I mean in case it crops up for someone else.

Top three skeins (still original state) slightly darker greens/pink tones. 2 cakes on the right , next to them? Original skeins which were slightly lighter.

I fully intended on keeping the lighter ones for the sleeves and use the darker ones for the body. But in case I didn’t want to do that, I could easily use 2 at a time and alternate every few rows, with a different skein to blend them together better. See? Simples. It’s not hard. It isn’t asking for trouble and it doesn’t mean a thousand ends.


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