Finished Friday

I’ve written up so many draft posts and they’re all out of date. I have had my head down (or not, as sleep has evaded me) to get my Still Light Tunic finished and it is done. Voilá!


Can’t see the pockets on it very well and the 3/4 sleeves but trust me, it’s done. It took just under 4 weeks from start to finish and guess what? The colours don’t suit me. This beautiful, merino/cashmere/nylon soft and beautiful Macaron loveliness isn’t “me”. It hopefully will have a good home soon , though. Post-office-depending!

I’ve also started a new WIP (#2ndProjectof2017) which is a Magical Jumper, designed by Elena Nodel,  for my son. There are a few alterations available on this pattern, depending on what you like (girl/boy/unisex/pockets/no pockets/ribbed sleeves/fancy hem) which is great. I found that I had to print it out and highlight the parts relevant to the size I’m making – for reference, it’s age 10-12 as my 6yr old is *that* tall – and it really has helped. The yarn isn’t hand-dyed (don’t drop dead of shock, I do own *some* commercial yarn) but it is cashmere/silk/merino and beautious indeed. Sublime DK and just stunning to work with. I’m trying all sorts with this pattern – first attempt at cabling (#newbieknitterscancable) and a few other new techniques. One which stumped me – I’m so pattern-dyslexic. It really is A Thing, folks. It just doesn’t seem to “click” for me at all – and like the toddler I am inside, I threw it down , without ripping it out for a change (can I have a hollah for not acting out my inner toddler please?) , popped it into the ball bag and picked up my Chevron blanket again instead.

Here it is , so far : I’ve started this from scratch 8 times now:

Yarn is Sublime : Baby Cashmerino (with silk) DK. Needles : Knit Pro – obvs! – mistakes, as usual, all my own.

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