Mardy Monday – saved by a new and lovely pattern

I inadvertently frogged the jumper I was making by getting tangled in the yarn, the needles came flying out and kabooooom! all the stitches came undone. It made me really mardy.  After trying the pattern 6 times and being bamboozled by some of the instructions – which made me mardier – (I think I’d have to make it up to make it work and I’m not a proficient knitter by a LONG shot, as is evident on here) I have decided that the knotted mess of yarn can shove-off, shove-over , and has been shoved back on to the shelf and I’ll deal with it when I can be bothered. MARDY MONDAY ahoy.  I was starting to very much feel the “get IN THE FIRE WITH YOU” rage at it, so best it was salvaged by being put away for a little think about what it had done.  This may be tempered by my having weeks of a pinched nerve/bone pain/back ache and not sleeping, but I couldn’t possibly comment. And who wants to hear about my non-knitting life, anyway…

What I’m working on now 

I am now making this lovely pattern as my #2ndProjectof2017 – but not in these colours :Weavy Lines by Marion Crivelli I’m making mine in Drops Baby Merino in black  and an Easyknits sock yarn that I’ve had sitting on my shelf for about 3 years. I’ve decided that if this pattern works for me, and I’m making the largest size (as usual), I shall use more hand-dyed and make me another. 0gwiedneqsgbk1f0kpwa47vynpgjf763iwrtitip6r_y_w311-h207-p-no_small2

              I love the V-neck on this sweater which is what sold the pattern to me.

Weavy Lines by Marion Crivelli
This photo belongs to Marion Crivelli. It is from her Ravelry page for the pattern ” Weavy Lines “and I just wanted to show the neckline.

Also, if you go to Marion Crivelli’s Ravelry page before the 16th May, she has so very generously offered her patterns at a discount. I have saved a few into my library on Ravelry and will definitely be purchasing more. As a #newbieknitter, I can honestly, hand-on-heart say that I have every confidence that her more complex knits will be very much do-able as the “Weavy Lines” pattern I bought just last night is already beautifully written, very well explained, and has a lovely little explanation section on the 2nd page of what stitches are and how to do them. Not confusing in the slightest – I do wish all patterns were written in the same manner! I’ll be updating how I get on – and need a jumper as it’s getting a bit nippy at the moment. A whole 16 degrees C today. Whaaaat? 😉


4 thoughts on “Mardy Monday – saved by a new and lovely pattern

      1. I’m going to give it another go when some more semi-solids arrive.I’ve not been adding to my stash though. NOPE! Nothing to see here *whistling* (only because it hasn’t arrived yet…)


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