Perseverance on WIP Wednesday. I think.

I’m not terribly happy with myself. I’m really not. Everyone else I know that takes up the two pointy sticks of Doom (I’m regressing, I know. I don’t care. So there) manages to create beautiful socks, intricate lace-work patterns, cabling and beautious gorgeousness with their yarn. I seem to still be only able to frog about 20 gazillion times, swear, yell, raise my blood pressure (heart rate currently, according to my Fitbit Blaze? surprisingly low but it was over 100bpm yesterday, whilst sitting looking at what I’d done) and generally show me to be a totally inept old bogbrush of a #newbieknitter in the extreme. Maybe my head isn’t cut out for it. Maybe, just maybe, I should stick to my attempts at “natural living”, making my own moisturiser , and experimenting with gin and other alcoholic beverages , in making my own cocktails.

However! I am determined not to quit. I have at least to show my “I’m giving up on this because I can’t do it first time” son (number 1 child) that even Mummy gets it wrong. So bloody irritating that I have to set an example and try and adult my way out of knitting. Or into knitting. Whatever it should be. I lack caffeine today.

That lovely, lovely jumper? I know exactly how to start it. I do. I’ve knitted in the round a few dozen times. I don’t find it difficult. I know how to do it seamlessly thanks to this brilliantly made instructional video here   . The pattern is worded beautifully – succint, clear, precise and has a lovely stitch-count where I need one. It even has wee diagrams to show what the construction should look like. Even a brand new, newbieknitter such as myself, should be able to do it. But b*gger me sideways, if I don’t keep making mistakes. Perhaps I should lay off the gin…

I’m also seriously wondering if using black sock-weight yarn was a good idea. I have enough to make the item I’m looking at and I think it would be wonderful with the colourful stripes, which will pop against it, no matter what colour I use. Everything goes with black. Apart from navy blue. NATURALLY I wouldn’t use navy blue with black – or I may do, but never on purpose. I do suffer from blue-black blindness at times. F*ck me, I’m getting old…

More than likely, I’m going to take myself into my office where my yarn is stored, sit and sort it all out yet again (probably by colour and weight this time as it’s currently mostly by dyer) and have a serious think about how I’m going to go about this pattern. Or maybe, just maybe, buy another pattern and give that a go until I can calm down. The frustrations of a newbieknitter – what are yours!?

SO I did. I went through my yarn pets and gave them a wee cuddle. I have some serious beauties here, as always, and it never ceases to surprise me when I come across one and think “oh yeah! THAT is a bit lush” .

Yarn – sorted. Ish. Pathetic amount of semi-solids. Must try harder.



2 thoughts on “Perseverance on WIP Wednesday. I think.

  1. Fab link & fab blog. I’m at very early days of clumsy pointy sticks. I think I described it like wrestling a drunk squid. Love the blog, thanks so much.



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