Save Our Socks

After the disaster with the black yarn and impatience, and the inadvertent frogging of the jumper for the boy-child, I finally settled on making some socks! Hooray!

I’ve tried before and thought “nope. ALL the nopes” as the circular needles – fixed ones, from Addi, HiyaHiya, ChiaGoo…wherever you find the ones you like – are so teeny it’s like knitting needles for ANTS! Picking them up this time, though – success! Muscle memory is an actual thing in knitting and the more you knit…naturally.

I’d post a picture but I had to frog it when I got to the heel as I didn’t follow the instructions and tried to do the heel on a “wing and a prayer”. Which is ridiculous, because it is so very well written and if I’d only just done as it said, and put little hook-on, removable markers to keep my counting in check, I’d have had at least one finished by now. I did find a few useful Youtube videos on how to do short rows which has helped put it firmly in my mind.

Until I have a decent pic, have a photo of the yarn I’m using – and the cuff I’m making. Not 6 weeks ago, I’d have told you I loathed using 2.5mm tiny mini circular needles (it’s like knitting for elves. or ANTS!) and they’re too fiddly and difficult for my chubby fingers, but that would be purely down to angsty nonsense and impatience on my part. I’m quite enjoying making neat little rows of 2 x 2 ribbing on tiny needles in sock yarn. So never say never!


(Gradient yarn by Truly Hooked. Patterns by Verity Castledine – owner, creater, dyer, designer, general Genius badass at Truly Hooked)


It’s a pattern thing. I understand the Principles of Short Rows. But I didn’t Youtube it. I didn’t sit and “get it in my head” as to how it works and went straight for the pattern. Whilst watching The Hunger Games. At least I didn’t have my gin on the go. But yes. I tried to put in a lifeline and got it heinously incorrect. But at least I’m giving it a go and it is very satisfying. I’m also surprised at the little amount of yarn that this is taking from the cake I have – learning about how the whole yarn thing works all over again, and also intrigued as to how different dyeing techniques work-up.

A lovely on-line fellow yarn-aholic friend advised me to also look at the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern – which I duly purchased on Ravelry last night. You can find it here Sox Therapist’s amazing stuff


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