Heel, toe, heel, toe…frog froggity frog

I’ve frogged my heel 3 times now. Three. Count them. Once, I had to frog the entire sock-so-far because I didn’t catch it in time and lost the pattern. And got fed up. Again. The male-shape in my house said last evening “why don’t you just do something in crochet, take a break,and get back to knitting with a fresh-head?” and whilst that may sound like great advice, I shook it off.

After frogging attempt number 6, I’m afraid I’ve given up on the sock. It’s not the yarn’s fault, nor the point sticks of Doom (despite them retaining that name until I crack the heel part. Which I think I may have after watching endless videos on Youtube and help from Verity – she of the amazing Sock Drawer book and all round yarn genius . Even though I’ve got it in my head how it works, I was so frustrated with everything that I decided to just pick up my blanket instead)

And pick up my lovely Chevron blanket I did. Which is now in separate balls.

It’s been a frogging kind of week. I was incredibly disappointed in myself , particularly with the blanket. All those stitches. All that work.

But I reminded myself that somewhere on that pattern, at one of the edges, was a mistake. A Mistake. The edge isn’t straight and it should be. I shall take the opporchancity of the frogging week from the 7th Circle of Hell, to rectify that mistake. I will NOT be beaten by knitting. I shall not. I’ve even started another jumper project (for me) and I’m going to do that, too.

No photos as everything’s all balled-up. Because I ballsed it up.


One thought on “Heel, toe, heel, toe…frog froggity frog

  1. I’m still avoiding socks! I loved the playful shawl but I think socks will be a similar froggy frog situation. I’ve just frogged 3/4 of a cardigan, strangely satisfying.


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