Another day, another Still Light Tunic

I searched and looked and tried and started and frogged…and came back to the Still Light Tunic. Mostly, because I want one to wear “out” instead of just a sloppy, comfy “in-house” jumper and I’ve gifted the other one. So nervous as to what the recipient will think!

This time, though, I’ve gone for a merino-silk, high twist sock blend to make it in. One, because the colourway of “Rainbow in the Night” by Truly Hooked is just all the colours I love, and two -it’s merino-silk sock weight yarn. This blend is truly beautiful. It has a high twist for incredible stitch definition, slips off the needles I’m using (my trusty Knit Pro Novas) which means I’m knitting a tad faster than usual (always brilliant for a newbie!) and when it’s finished, I shall have a luxurious jumper to replace my beautiful, albeit not hand-knitted, cashmere Winter jumper that my husband managed to felt beyond baby-sized last year. He has been forgiven. Just. Marginally. And only because he said “best you buy some yarn to make a replacement for that one”. Bless his cottons, he knows just how to avoid being stabbed by the Pointy Sticks of Doom…

Here it is so far :


I’m using a semi-solid green called “Grass”, again by Truly Hooked. Basically because I had the choice of 2 that would co-ordinate well with the Rainbows in the Night, and it’s on the correct base. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mixing bases of yarn – bases are just the blends of fibres – but I’m still too much of a purist to bring myself to throw in a merino-nylon sock blend when the silk is just SO amazing. I’m using only 2 rows of stockinette to make the stripes and am a bit disappointed in the “slip one purl wise” way of doing jogless stripes. Lesson learned. It is easy but it’s not as perfect as “picking up the stitch below and knitting them together” method , which is what I shall return to . [All links are added to the “HELP!” page, in case you’re looking for them. Too busy trying to knit amongst the chaos of the two little people who are running around this week and driving me absolutely nutsy.

Gin O’Clock later though!


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