I am knitting, honest!

Man alive this is a busy time. We’re moving continents, not just countries which would be bad enough, and the amount of paperwork, red tape and all sorts is just really rage-inducingly stressful. Given that everything hinges on random numbers being allocated outwith my control and “I’m just a wife” so I can’t organise what needs done to ensure our dogs are sorted on the flight, it’s all a bit “Pass the Gin”-ish.

I am knitting, though. Albeit slowly. I’m on the sleeves and pockets of my Still Light Tunic, finally, after part-starting another jumper for my little big man boy -bright colours, can’t wait to share photos – as I needed to keep my hands busy to prevent strangling someone. It’s also DK (merino singles…oooooh) and on bigger needles which makes me happy after what feels like endless rounds of stockinette on tiny needles with sock-weight yarn. I’m using DK next for my next top/jumper/whatever. I need a break from Small.

I am here and I am around. I will add photos. Two of my camera lenses, however, met with an accident but luckily my macro lenses have survived. Fortunately as in our last few weeks on this amazing continent in this fantastic country, without a camera at all I would seriously lose my cool

As a family, we’re off this weekend to relax somewhere warm, lovely and hopefully quite peaceful, and I intend on Lots of Knitting. I also want this Still Light finished because it’s so gorgeous!


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