Why This Blog is Here

I’m a *murmers a number that doesn’t matter* hand dyed yarn appreciator who came to crafting a bit later than I’d have liked, now I know how much fun it is. I love to crochet and am determined to be a knitter. But I’m a bit, well, rubbish.

This isn’t a major blog. I don’t expect huge following (though I think I’d probably love it if I ended up that way!) and if I can help one other person who feels the frustration of the pointy sticks the way I have/do, then my job here is done. It’s mostly just for me. A little record of “shit I’ve made” and how happy it makes me. Or how much it makes me want to punch a lump of concrete when my brain doesn’t quite work to the pattern that everyone else in the world finds easy. Who knows.

I promise to attempt brevity. I can’t promise it’ll work. I’d love to be able to chat to others in the same boat without it being through the medium of Facebook and the socially awkward restrictions that can pose (I friend no one. Not even my relatives. Yup. That’s me – socially awkward panda) . I hope that the links I provide help widen the range of people who will fall in love with the hand dyers that I so adore and that others will help introduce to me niche WAHPs that will become part of my yarn-pet family (it’s akin to a rabbit warren – it just keeps extending!)

I can’t promise not to apply the odd profanity, but it will be justified in my tiny blue-headed mind, when it escapes.