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Totoro and friends will happily fill their little bags with your messages. Sorry they’re not knitted, I’ve not been knitting long enough yet but all in good time, Grommit. All in good time.

Goodness knows who would be using this page, but it’s here anyway so thought I’d fill it in. Any questions or queries or – and I hope not- disturbances in the force regarding links, references etc, please do let me know.

I am not in the habit of purposefully irritating folk who are putting their priceless time and effort into designing, creating, photographing their work and if I have done, please let me know and I will amend ASAP.

Do¬†please let me know if there are missing or broken links. Nothing worse than a page with outdated information – particularly if you’re determined to learn a new skill and it draws a blank. Or redirects to some distasteful page …